To empower, teach and pave the way for our future leaders and future scholars, instilling 4 year universities as the goal and mission.

Mission Statement


We are a 501c3, whose mission is to impact, serve and educate underprivileged families in the community of Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. The Youth Leaders Empowerment Foundation is implementing program that will provide students with the opportunity to attend 4 year universities around the world while building everlasting relationship within our community.

Tirza Rhoden
CEO. Founder


Being a leader has always been a special trait of mine. It was first introduced when my mom told me, “Tirza, be a leader, and not a follower,” and at that young age I knew I was specially equipped with leadership roles and values. Growing up, my peers would look up to me for positive reinforcement, spiritual awakening and guidance. Also growing up with a single mother allowed me to be active in the community, attending programs designed for low income families, including NYSP (National Youth Sports Camp), Salesian Boys and Girls Club, Brentnell Recreation Center, Northeast Recreation Center and Upward Bound. From the luxuries of these programs, they shaped me into the person I am now. What I am trying to accomplish in our community is more educational programs, sport activities and camps while instituting healthy lifestyles for our youth; designed for our underprivileged and low income families. I am also a Central State university graduate, For GOD, For Central, For State!

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